What our patients have to say…

“I have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of my experience at Ramsey Acupuncture. During the course of my relationship with Natalie she has demonstrated superior technique, remarkable compassion and an impressive knowledge base. I have recently encountered a range of orthopedic and stress-related issues that have all shown noticeable improvement since the commencement of my holistic treatment protocol.  Natalie has always exuded a wonderfully caring energy that would allow any patient to develop sense of trust and wellbeing. She treats the Life rather than just the body! I will definitely be referring friends and family to Mrs. Ramsey in the future!”  ~ MR

“Natalie has treated me for 4 years for ringing in the ears, severe headaches and neck tension.  She is the only one has effectively treated my ear ringing and it has drastically improved my life!  I don’t miss a treatment!  She has created a beautiful space that is welcoming and relaxing.  Natalie is the most caring, devoted person and I would highly recommend her!”  ~ MC

“Ramsey Acupuncture is my first experience with acupuncture and it has been wonderful.  Natalie Ramsey is very knowledgeable, gentle and caring.  She really listens to your concerns and has helped me understand my health issues so much better than my medical doctor. I have noticed a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing, since receiving acupuncture treatments from Natalie. I highly recommend Ramsey Acupuncture if you want to improve your overall health as well as have a relaxing, informative acupuncture treatment.”  ~ WD

“I could not be more excited about the sessions I got. I have been dealing with GERD for a few years and I was starting to think I had to live with this all my life taking medication. I had a few sessions with Natalie which drastically improved my health to the point where I now can sleep through the nights without any abdominal pain. My health overall also has improved with the treatments.
Natalie is dedicated and also a very good listener, something I think a lot of medical practitioners are missing. Thumbs up!”  ~ DN